By: Yang Jianli

On October 8th, the Taiwanese representative office in Fiji held a National Day reception, during the reception, two Chinese diplomats tried to force their way into the event, made rude comments and engaged in a scuffle with the staff of Taiwanese representative office. According to media reports, both the Chinese diplomats as well as the staff of Taiwanese office suffered injuries. The incident was a brazen display of rogue diplomatic behaviour by aggressive Chinese diplomats and a clear instance of what is infamously being called as wolf diplomacy of China.

Recently, China raised its aggressive behaviour towards Taiwan, making open calls for a likely military aggression; China has increased the frequency of military aircraft crossing Taiwan Straits. It is widely believed that the actions by Chinese diplomats in Fiji was not an isolated case, but may be a well thought off attempt of using aggressive and violent behaviour to create sporadic diplomatic conflict, to test and bully Taiwan officials.

It is likely that through this incident, Chinese diplomats deliberately wanted to instigate Taiwanese officials, to create an illusion in international public opinion that “Taiwanese officials picked up the fight first,” and that Taiwan does not want peace with China.

The incident created strong opposition in Taiwan with leaders from Taiwanese political parties calling this incident as rogue behaviour of Chinese diplomats, which was against basic international etiquette and completely exceeded rational diplomatic expectations.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson was quick to back its diplomats. Further questioning the legacy of Taiwan trade office, the spokesperson claimed that there are no so called “diplomats” from Taiwan Island in Fiji, and that the Taiwanese trade office displayed fake “national flags”.

As reports of the scuffle appeared in Fiji media questioning the behaviour of Chinese diplomats, the Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson in an attempt to put pressure on Fijian authorities said that the event severely violated the one China principle and relevant rules and regulations of the Fijian government, and demanded an enquiry by Fijian government.

China has raised the temperature in Taiwan Straits by conducting large-scale exercises and threatening a forced takeover of the island. The CCP affiliated English language Daily Global Times in an editorial Oct 19, claimed that forced unification of Taiwan is no longer a question of whether it will happen but it is a question of when it will happen. The editorial further warned the U.S. from refraining to support Taiwan in case of such aggression by PLA, by claiming that a new hypersonic missile has been deployed to thwart any such US attempts.