Citizen Power Initiatives for China (CPIFC)
Washington, D.C. | March 27, 2020
Through the hard work of its team under the guidance of its legal counsels, CPIFC is ready to launch a bilingual online platform to collect cases for a class action lawsuit against WeChat. This is its link
The cases we are intent on collecting are classified into the following four types:

  1. Cases of Being Prosecuted Directly Caused by the Censorship of WeChat. The abuses include, but are not limited to: been harassed, been forced to relocate, loss of employment, being illegally questioned through “tea drinking”, being summoned to police stations, being disciplined, being arrested, being sentenced, being physically tortured.)
  2. Cases of Suffering Financial Losses From the Closure of WeChat Accounts Due to So-Called “Improper Statement and/or Sensitive Information”. The financial losses from the closure of WeChat account, WeChat official (public) account, WeChat Applets, include but are not limited to: WeChat official accounts cannot receive monetary tips; WeChat Applets are not able to run business; cannot retrieve money from WeChat wallet; and other financial loses due to loss of saved contacts in WeChat.
  3. Cases of Suffering Mental or Material Losses Due to Violation of Privacy and/or Speech Censorship by WeChat. The suffering of losses could be caused by, but are not limited to: privacy contents been leaked, posts been deleted, account been closed, WeChat Moment been censored, WeChat group been disbanded, cannot add friends, published posts in group chat can only be seen by the sender, the share button being disabled.)
  4. Cases of Investors Who Suffer Losses From Tencent Hiding Its Relationship with the Chinese Government.

CPIFC team will review all the information collected, and select cases of merits. Then we will reach out to the potential plaintiffs associated with the selected cases for further coordination of evidence and actions.
CPIFC will continue welcoming support, advice and cooperation from individuals and organizations.