By Jianli Yang – Apr 13, 2022

Australia and New Zealand are expressing alarm over a security deal that was being drafted between the People’s Republic of China and the Solomon Islands. The leaked document indicated that China was interested in increasing its military numbers and influence in the Solomon Islands, and as per the terms of this agreement, they would be able to send police or armed forces. The island could also be used as a stopover for China’s forces for tactical replenishments.

As of March 24, the Solomon Islands divulged that the security deal had been signed, following which Australia and New Zealand both raised concerns. The concerns raised by the two countries, who are long-standing supporters of the Solomon Islands, are whether the island nation’s expansion of security agreements with China could destabilize the Pacific region’s security arrangements.

On March 25, Honiara made more details public, such as its intentions of signing off and implementing several deals with China in aviation development and trade expansion. Australia has expressed its concern regarding China’s increased activity and influence in the Indo-Pacific. Australia has often… [Continue Reading]