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“We the People” White House Petition for Peaceful Hong Kong has toped 170,000

For Immediate Release
By Initiatives for China/Citizen Power for China
September 28, 2014 Washington, DC


The “We the People” White House Petition for Peaceful Hong Kong topped 170,000 signatures as of 10:00PM  ET Sunday night.
The Peaceful Hong Kong petition is a joint initiative launched September 19 by 33 groups worldwide, including organizations in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao. It urges the U.S. government to publicly stand against the possibility of Beijing violently cracking down on peaceful demonstrators in Hong Kong. Such resolve from the U.S. government and the international community would send a strong message to the Chinese government that any attempt to solve political disagreements with violence would result in severe consequences.

Dr YANG Jianli, the principal power behind the White House petition said, “The joint action from global democratic forces in support of the Hong Kong democracy movement is very inclusive. We have support from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, and in mainland China, including all Chinese minority groups such as Tibetan, Mongolian, Urghur as well as Han. Religious groups in support of the petition include Christian and Falungong, among others. We also have support from many human rights groups in major democracies, as well as those in Vietnam, Myanma, Laos, North Korea, Iran and Cuba . Such a widespread attention has expressed moral support for Hong Kong’s students and residents and contempt for the Beijing authoritarian regime.”

Per “We, the People” petition rules, when signature reaches 100,000, the White House must respond to the petition. We have learned of the letter of appeal to President Obama has been forwarded via Initiative for China/Citizen Power for China, and an official response will be due soon.

Toronto based Hong Kong Human rights activist Gloria Fung told us, “We have maintained in close contact with the leadership of the democracy movement in Hong Kong. Protest will escalate despite a growing number of police forces being sent from neighboring Guangdong Province, while the Chinese government had manipulated its armed forces near Kong Kong border, amid the  growing tension.” She points out, “We must warn the Beijing government that the world is watching Hong Kong.”

Organizers of Peaceful Hong Kong and its working teams have been laboring on action plans for the next phase, including pushing hard to increase the petition’s signatures, requesting major democracies – their legislatures and governments – to express their clear positions against violence used to repress peaceful protests of the Hong Kong people.

Zhang Xiaogang, an Australia based member of the liaison team, has called upon all parties of the world to push to increase the petition’s signature count as a show of civil power. “Only actions produce results,” he said.

Our next step to gain signatures will involve focusing on Hong Kong and other Asian regions. Taiwanese leader for the petition YANG Hisan-Hong expresses the consensus of Chinese living abroad. “Without democracy in China, none of us will have a good life, and by supporting Hong Kong, we support Taiwan itself,” he said. Furthermore, NGOs in Taiwan plan to push its Legislature Yuan for support.
The aim of Peaceful Hong Kong is to mobilize the international community to prevent the possible massacre in Hong Kong, like that of 1989 Tiananmen. One of the leading figures for the initiative, Mr. Fang Zheng, has called on the leaders of the U.S. and other major democracies to help prevent the tragedy of Tiananmen happen again. Fang Zheng lost his legs to the Chinese army tanks on Tiananmen in 1989 crackdown.


Please Sign Petition to the White House



We ask all the democracy-loving people living around the world to sign our We The People petition tothe White House on Hong Kong which urges the US government to monitor the constitutional crisis in Hong Kong, press the Chinese Government to honor their promise of democratic elections to the Hong Kong citizenry, and prevent a second Tiananmen Massacre from happening in Hong Kong. Our goal of having the White House respond to this crisis can be achieved by reaching 100,000 signatories by Oct. 4, 2014. Please forward to friends and colleagues to support this petition.


Goal: Have the U.S. government to warn Beijing that any effort to crackdown peaceful demonstrations in Hong Kong by force will be strongly opposed and severely punished.


Requirement: 100,000 signatories by Oct 4, 2014


3 Easy Steps:

1. Go to:

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3. [Important!] Check your email from the White House, and CONFIRM your signature.



Initiating Organizations:

公民力量 (Citizen Power for China/Initiatives for China)

港加聯 (Canada-Hong Kong Link)

讓愛與和平佔領中環多倫多支援會 (Occupy Central with Love and Peace Toronto Support Group)

溫哥華支援民主運動聯合會 (Vancouver Society in Support of Democratic Movement)

對華援助協會 (ChinaAid)

中國民主教育基金會 (Chinese Democratic Education Foundation)

北京之春 (Beijing Spring)

自由西藏學生運動 (Students for Free Tibet)

南蒙古人權信息中心 (Southern Mongolia Human Rights Information Center)

维吾尔美国协会 (Uygur American Association)

民主中國陣線 (Federation for a Democratic China)

全球支持中國和亞洲民主化論壇 (Global Support for Democratization in China and Asia)

民主中國聯合陣線 (Alliance for a Democratic China)

中國共和黨 (Chinese Republican Party)

中國社會民主黨 (China Social Democratic Party)

加拿大價值守護者聯盟 (Alliance of the Guard of Canadian Value)

中國民主黨全國聯合總部 (China Democracy Party United Headquarter )

悉尼民主平台 (Sydney Democracy Platform)

中國民主團結聯盟 (Chinese Alliance for Democracy)

齊氏文化基金會 (The Qi’s Cultural Foundation)

全美學自聯 (Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars)

中國綠黨 (China Green Party)

台灣關懷中國人權聯盟 (Taiwan Association for China Human Rights)

島國前進 (Taiwan March)

台灣勞工陣線協會 (Taiwan Labour Front)

社團法人自由通訊傳播協會 (Association for Free Communication)

福爾摩鯊會社 (Formoshark)

台灣青年反共救國團(Taiwan Youth Anti-Communist National Salvation Corps)

台灣維吾爾之友會 (Taiwan friends of Uyghur)

獨臺新社 (Taiwan Independence Reformation)

台灣促進和平基金會 (Peacetime Foundation of Taiwan)

中華國際人權促進會 (Youth for Human Rights of the Republic of China)




Contact Person:

Dr. YANG Jianli

(International Community, Oversea Democratic Movements)


Dr. TENG Biao (Chinese Human Rights, International Community)



Mr. HU Jia (Mainland China)



Mr. YANG Sen-hong (Taiwan)



Mr. TO Kwan Hang (Hong Kong)



Ms. Gloria Fung (International Community, Oversea Hong Kong Citizens)



Mr. Henry Chau (Oversea Hong Kong Citizens)



Scott Chiang (Macau)


Mr. Bob Fu (International Community, Christian Churches)



Ms. Theresa Chu (Taiwan)



Mr. Enghebatu Togochog (South Mongolia)



Ms. Zubayra Shamseden (Uyghur)


Ms. Tenzin Dolkar (Tibet)



Ms. Mary Yang (Taiwan) 

+886 0920080320


Mr. Zhong JinJiang (Australia)


Mr. Zhang Xiaogang (Australia)