Please sign online petition to Ambassador Cui Tiankai for mother jailed for protesting demolition of homes.


Petition Target: Ambassador Cui Tiankai, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China

Petition Sponsored by: Georgina Shanley

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Ms. Li Huanjun at her home site after demolition.

Li Huanjun cannot defend herself, her child or her neighbors. Where we have rights we have obligations. Without our help and pressure on the government of China evictions and demolitions will contine unabated. The human cost is huge with thousands of decent families  left homeless and penniless.

See video of Li and understand what she is up against:

According to Amnesty International 2013 report on China, “Sudden and violent evictions were widespread, and were typically preceded by threats and harassment. Consultation with affected residents was rare. Compensation, adequate alternative housing and the ability to access legal remedies were severely limited. In many cases, corrupt village leaders signed deals with private developers, handing over land without residents knowing. Those who peacefully resisted forced eviction or sought to protect their rights through legal channels risked detention, imprisonment and ReEducation Through Labor. Some resorted to drastic measures, setting themselves on fire or resorting to violent forms of protest”.

We can help Li and go a long way to ending this inhuman policy.

Thirty-year old mother and housing activist, Li Huanjun, was arrested by 10 policemen on July 12 in Beijing. Her computer and cell phone were confiscated. Her only crime was trying to defend her home and the homes of her neighbors from demolition. She is being held in the Beijing Municipality’s Bureau of Public Security.

Community leaders decided to sell Li Huanjun’s home, amongst others, to developers without consulting the families who lived in the homes outside Beijing. Li Huanjun protested the proposed destruction of these homes by attempting to hand out leaflets in Tiananmen Square. She was held in detention for several days. In the meantime teams of Security stormed the homes and using fire extinguishers forced the residents out.

No compensation will be given and no adequate housing will be provided. Li Huanjun has been charged with “disturbing public order”. Similar scenarios having been taking place throughout China. Free Li Huanjun now!