By Yang Jianli & Aaron Rhodes

Many diaspora Chinese who oppose Chinese President Xi Jinping’s policies have supported President Trump, despite his abortive early attempt at developing a “bromance” with Xi. Many have admired Trump as a strong leader who was unafraid to use the economic and political power of America to defend the country, and ready to act unilaterally to resist Chinese Communist Party (CCP) subversion and hegemony. They have appreciated Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s honesty in clarifying the differences between totalitarianism in China and the guiding moral principles of individual rights and freedoms that are America’s central political creed.

In general, many Chinese dissidents considered the Trump administration as an ally in their uphill struggle to make the world understand — and to confront the threat of — a fascist, expansionist regime.

But with Trump’s refusal to accept defeat, the wave of political irrationality that has enveloped many of his followers appears to have infected the Chinese dissidence movement and exposed moral weaknesses that need to be addressed if it is to pose a serious alternative to the CCP… [Continue Reading…]