Press Conference: China's Worsen Mass Religious Persecution

February 28, 2019


Date:Feb.28, 2019                                                                
CONTACT: Jianli Yang 



The Coalition to Advance Religious Freedom in China
Launches Urgent Call to Action:
It is Time to End Business as Usual with China


Press conference on March 4, 2019


Washington DC-The Chinese government under Xi Jinping has intensified its campaign of mass religious persecution, particularly in the Uyghur region. The persecution is marked by breathtaking brutality and collective punishment, and is the worst since the 1966-76 Cultural Revolution. Since at least 2012, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has steadily expanded a systematic campaign to punish and eradicate religious practice and belief. All faiths are experiencing the same forms of tyranny and oppression that shock the conscience. Millions of religious believers are being locked up in internment camps, detention centers and prisons. Every day in China people are harassed, intimidated, arrested, mistreated, tortured and even killed extra-judicially. By forming the Coalition to Advance Religious Freedom in China, persecuted faith communities unite their voices in support of religious freedom for all. The Coalition calls for an end to "business as usual" with China as long as the government continues its pitiless assault and the rights and fundamental dignity of every citizen.


WHO:    The Coalition to Advance Religious Freedom in China (CARFC)  
WHAT:    Press Conference
WHEN:    Monday, March 4, 2019, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm (EST)
WHERE:    The Congressional Auditorium and Atrium (CVC 200)
WHY:    CARFC, a multi-faith group consisting of over a dozen religious and human rights organizations, in conjunction with the International Religious Freedom Round Table, will hold a press conference to announce its formation, brief on China's worsening mass religious persecution, and demand that China abide by its own constitution as well as its international legal obligations and respect the rights of all its citizens. The conference speakers will address issues such as:




  • The need for united and coordinated action on China:

    • U.S. Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback;

    • Former Congressman Frank Wolf;

    • Congressman Jim McGovern, Congressman Chris Smith (invited)

  • Introducing the Coalition to Advance Religious Freedom in China:

    • Greg Mitchell, Chair of the International Religious Freedom Roundtable and coordinator of CARFC, moderator of the press briefing;

    • Introductions of the persecuted communities;

  • Initial CARFC actions:

    • Why the U.S. must apply targeted sanctions against individual gross human rights abusers in the Uyghur region and pass bipartisan legislation to address the crisis    Louis Coan Greve, Director of External Affairs, Uyghur Human Rights Project);

      • Letter calling on Secretaries Pompeo and Mnuchin to sanction Chinese officials responsible for human rights violations; and

    • China's weapons of mass surveillance and how it is used for religious persecution (Lianchao Han, Vice President of Citizen Power Initiatives for China); 

      • Letter calling on Secretary Ross to ensure that American companies are not aiding and abetting China's systems for surveillance, detection, and detention, or complicit in the egregious human rights violations occurring in Xinjiang.


  • An inside look at how China police target religious communities (Kunrui Li, former police officer in China);      

  • Hearing from the persecuted communities themselves:

    • The continued disappearance of the Uyghur population in the dark internment camps (Omer Kanat, Director of the Uyghur Human Rights Project; and Kuzzat Altay, Founder & President, Uyghur Entrepreneurs Network);

    • Nationwide Christian persecution intensified in China (Bob Fu, President, China Aid); 

    • Tibetans' continued self-immolations reflect a desperate situation (Bhuchung Tsering, Vice President, International Campaign for Tibet);

    • China's severe persecution of The Church of Almighty God members and religious refugees (Tracy Jiao, The Church of Almighty God);

    • 20-year Persecution of Falun Gong (Sean Lin, Falun Gong Association of Washington DC) Note: forced organ harvesting will be mentioned; 

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