Statement of Sasha Gong, Fred Wang, Huchen Zhang, and Robert Li

May 5, 2017


We, the four Voice of America journalists who have been placed on administrative leave pending a VOA internal investigation, believe that the incident regarding Guo Wengui's interview has seriously undermined VOA's integrity and credibility as a US media outlet, and damaged the US national interests.  We demand the following:


An independent, fair, and comprehensive federal investigation on the incident of the interview with Guo, the Chinese businessman-turned whistleblower who intended to expose how Chinese state security agencies control huge sum of financial assets for ruling the country and injecting influence around the world.


We demand the investigation by authorities independent from Voice of America to cover all parties involved in the incident, including the VOA top management.


The issues to be investigated should be:

1. Has the VOA top management caved in to the Chinese government's demand and threat to cancel VOA original interview and broadcast plan.  If so, how?

2. Has VOA, especially the East Asia Division, been infiltrated by the Chinese government?


The Guo interview incident is only the latest example of a series of events and changes happened in the VOA Chinese Branch in recent years that have systematically undermined the effectiveness of VOA broadcasting to China and demoralized the staff in the Branch.

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